Monday, September 19, 2011

Cats hate water

There are so many questions that responsible pet parents have to answer when caring for their pet. They have to consider which pet food to use, which toys to purchase, and most importantly, which flea preventive medication to invest in. There are so many choices on the market that it can be completely baffling to pet parents.
When selecting the flea preventive to use, the pet parent must know which medication will work best for the pet. Once all thoughts are considered, many pet parents opt for Advantage flea products.
Some pets are very challenging to bathe. Cats hate water, so any flea preventive that involves a bath is usually completely out of the question. Cats will respond violently to any situation they object to.
They bite and scratch to prove a point. Rather than deal with that, most cat owners will select a product that doesn't place them in harms way, like Advantage flea products.
There are other pets that are incredibly difficult to medicate. They will spit out pills, they will eat around hidden pills, and they will fight pills being force fed to them. Any flea preventive that involves taking pills would be out of the realm of possibility for such pets. In that situation, it is much simpler to provide a flea preventive like Advantage flea products to take care of that problem.
Advantage flea has the benefit of only needing to be administered once a month. A monthly dosage will keep the pet protected all month long. And the best part about using Advantage flea products is that they aren't given orally.
There are no pills to force feed the pet or try to hide in treats. Advantage flea doesn't involve water, so there is no messy bath to give, no chance that the pet owner will be as wet as the pet at the end of the procedure. Instead, Advantage flea is administered topically. The tube containing the flea medication is simply squeezed in between the shoulder blades of the pet. That is it.
The biggest challenge is trying to remember not to pet the animal while the flea meds are freshly administered. The natural oils in the pet's coat will help ensure that the pet is covered.

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