Thursday, January 3, 2013

These Parrot Training Tips Can Help You Be Successful

Pet parrots are complex, intelligent creatures. Parrot owners have to consistently work at gaining and keeping a parrot's trust. Trust is essential for successful parrot training, and a lack of trust often results in frightened parrots. A frightened parrot is a biting parrot. A bite from a sun conure is painful. A bite from a large cockatoo can land you in the hospital.

If you bought your parrot from a good breeder, the bird should already be used to humans and may be willing to interact with you immediately. Parrots that have been re-homed or adopted from rescue sanctuaries may have been abused or neglected by previous owners. In such cases patience and time are necessary to gain the parrot's trust.

This should go without saying, but many new parrot owners treat birds as if they were dogs or cats. Dogs and cats are predators, and as such have very different instincts to parrots, which are prey animals.

To parrots, any strange person is a potential predator. Aggressive or violent behavior will confirm this suspicion. Physically disciplining or hitting a bird has no place in parrot training—this just creates a fearful parrot.

A common mistake when training parrots is to make extended eye contact. Predators focused on their prey tend to stare at their intended meal. Staring directly at pet parrots can make them very nervous.

Start slowly. You may want to cuddle and play with your new macaw, but she may not be ready for close contact. Instead, sit some distance away from the parrot cage, where the bird can see you. Talk slowly and softly. While you watch her, close your eyes frequently for a few seconds. This tells the parrot you aren't a predator. When she feels comfortable with you she might close her eyes in response to you. Called the "blink game" by some parrot owners, this is a great trust building exercise.
  Over time slowly move closer until you're sitting next to the cage. If the parrot becomes upset, she's not ready for you to be that close.

Once you can sit next to the cage, start offering her treats through the cage bars—nuts, fruit and millet sprays are popular choices. When the bird readily accepts treats through the bars you can open the cage and start offering treats at the cage door. Be aware, however, that nervous birds can get very possessive of their cage. You don't want to set back all your hard work by getting bitten.

Gaining a parrot's trust is an ongoing process. If you're consistent in your expectations, gentle but firm in your interaction with the bird, you'll find parrot training goes much easier.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

These Common Cat Behavior Problems Need To Be Solved

The modern lifestyle of today has brought new possibilities for many animal lovers to get the role of being responsible cat owners. However, the path of responsible pet parenting is not as simple as it may seem. This is because in the course of a pet owner, you will find several cat behavior problems you may find too difficult to handle. Actually, this may be surprising to some, because they know that behind the image stuffed cat and harmless behavior that can become one of the most temperamental creatures I've ever seen.

These behaviors happen because even though they are actually pets, they still have their own minds and have their own feelings. These behavioral problems in cats are usually triggered due to the usual habits of your cat or an immediate event that bothers the animal. Here are some common cat behavior problems and what to do with it.

Aggression-This is one of the most common behavior problems cat cat owner will find. This is when the cat becomes aggressive in cats, animals or even people. They can display these aggressive tendencies to intimidate. This happens when a cat gets very stressed or frustrated about something. Sometimes this causes damage to home furnishings and upholstery.

These problems unwanted cat behavior can be resolved with proper training. You can teach your cat to channel their aggression on other things and not furniture or people. You can buy your cat a scratching post. This medium will help your cat release excess energy and tension. Experts also say that scratching posts are very useful for cat health.

Extreme shyness-cats, some cats have a case of extreme discomfort when in the company of people who know. This distance is observed in the presence of visitors who do not recognize. The reason for this is that some cats do not feel comfortable to be around things or people who are not familiar with them. However, with some exposure training can overcome such behavioral problems.

Cat behavior problems such as shyness can be cured by gradually increasing the size of their social environment. By getting involved in activities with other people who will soon develop tolerance and familiarity. Training garbage toughest problems cat behavior that can eat through training is garbage. It is very irritating to your cat download almost anywhere in the house. This should be corrected as soon as possible, because the longer you wait to take action the harder it is to break your bad habit.

Some experts advise pet owners to direct cat litter in the litter, and the best way is to implement a good old reward and punishment program. There are dozens more behavior problems of cats that one can find, but nothing that can not be corrected by appropriate training and undying effort to teach your dog what is right.

Monday, December 17, 2012

These Winter Pet Care Tips Can Help Your Pet Own A Better Winter

Those adorable dog sweaters and "Muttluks" aren't just for show, even though they are adorable! These winter pet care tips that you can help your pet have a better winter.

Dogs with longer hair, puppies, and smaller dogs can all benefit from wearing a dog sweater or shirt for their ventures into the snow. Not only can a sweater help prevent "snowballs" from forming in your pet's coat, but it can help keep them warm too. Just be sure to remove it as soon as you get back inside.

In the winter months it is important to knock on the hood of your car before you start the engine. Why? Outdoor cats love to snuggle up on the engine for warmth. This simple act could help save a life.

Pets use more energy trying to stay warm during the winter, so be sure to provide extra water, as your pet can become dehydrated more easily this time of year.
Never leave your pet alone in the car, no matter how quickly you plan to return. It's just as dangerous to do this in the winter as in the summer, where the temperatures in the car can change rapidly and become deadly.

Consider dog booties if you take your dog for walks in the winter. This will help protect their sensitive paw pads from ice, and salt. If you choose not to use booties, rinse the paws as soon as you get home to remove salt and other snow melting chemicals, which are not healthy for your dog.

Don't let your dog run off leash in the winter, as they can lose their way more easily due to the snow. Make sure you always have ID tags on in case they do get lost.
Keep your pets inside as much as possible when the weather gets too cold. If you feel cold your pet likely does too! Make sure they have a nice cozy place to sleep, and of course, take advantage of this time to snuggle up together and keep each other warm!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Latest Fashion Collections For Your Dog's Clothes

The Christmas and New year celebrations are just around the corner and all pet owners queue to grab the latest fashion collection for their dogs' clothes. Big brands have released excellent designs and collections for the pets this year. The competition among the big brands are so high that they try to come out with outfits that can suit specific breeds of small dogs. Some small breeds of dogs were never meant to be a symbol of fashion but the arrival of innovative and trendy small dog clothes has changed the entire outlook. Moreover, the dog couture has also hosted some vibrant colors and patterns for smaller dogs. So, are you also ready to dress up your little one in style?

Frankly speaking, your self-style plays a great role in the selection of a dress for your little dog. You can either display your own style or project the personality of the dog through trendy clothes that express their style statement. One of the most popular fashion trend is to match the dog clothing with your own. The little dog dresses in the same color as its owner with matching boots, hat, glasses and collars. However, this is a very top notch look which many owners cannot afford.

Another fun style in vogue this year is the display of some phrases or sayings on the dress of your little fur animal. These dresses are customized according to the owner's choice. Most owners prefer to get their own thoughts published through their dog dresses. What can be more wonderful than a little dog walking with a smart statement on its dress? These dresses are aimed to be comfortable for the dog as well as to reflect the latest fashion.

The bright lace dresses with a bough, collar and belt are getting into the wardrobe of every tiny dog. The lace wear is complemented with a puppy lock feather to provide a look makeover to the pet. Puppy lock feathers are hair extensions which make the small pets appear more attractive with thick and shiny feathers. These feathers are attached to the dog with the help of a silicon micro-bead that can be pasted and removed easily.

Rich winter coats made of mink highlighted with bright colors of fur and topped with embroidery have been released this fall. These coats provide warmth and comfort for the small dog in cold winters. These coats are accompanied by Velcro necks and belly bands to provide modifiable fit.

France has released a luxury wear, especially for small dogs. The handcrafted couture coat with embodiments of beads and sequins on the top is the designer feature of this brand. Apart from this, woolen frocks with polka dots and matching belly belts have already hit the list of best selling small dog clothes this season.

This hands-on update on the latest trends in small dog clothes can definitely help you choose the best outfit for your tiny pet. Dress your small dog in fashion but never compromise on its comfort level. Small dogs are adorable and these dresses can make them look gorgeous to everyone.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Advices On Healthy And Nutritive Homemade Pet Food

I have been looking for a good recipe for homemade pet food for a while. The problem with most commercial pet food is that it's not healthy. And the "healthy" pet food brands you can find at the store are not cheap.

Cats and dogs are carnivores, and really should be eating primarily meat and fish. Cats and dogs should also be eating a good percentage of their food raw, not cooked. Unfortunately, most commercial pet foods are mostly made of grains, which are not good for animals. Not to mention that they contain GMOs, since they are not organic.

This homemade pet food is made with raw organ meats — livers, kidneys, hearts, and lungs from chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, goats, or cows. Organ meat is anywhere from 10-100 times more nutritious than muscle meat, such as chicken breasts and steaks. Organ meats are also very inexpensive.

I typically feed our cats natural dry cat food just because it's easy and I don't have time to give them fresh food every day. I feed them this homemade pet food as often as I can. Nutritionally, this recipe really makes up for the rest of the time they are eating dry cat food.

This recipe is not for every day and should not be a substitute for pet food all the time. This recipe doesn't include ALL the nutrients that a dog or cat needs. I am not a pet nutritionist. I was not aiming at a nutritionally complete, well-balanced dog or cat food when I wrote this post. I just wanted to share a pet food that I make for our cats that they love. (See above: I only feed them this every so often and the rest of the time they get dry cat food. And please, no comments about how I shouldn't feed them dry cat food.

This homemade pet food can be made ahead and frozen in batches. It will keep for years in the freezer. For freezer storage, ice cube trays work great — when frozen, pop out the cubes and store them in large freezer bags.

Healthy & Inexpensive Homemade Pet Food

  • Organ meat (liver, kidney, heart, lungs) from chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, goats, or cows — organic if possible
  • Optional: sour cream — organic if possible
  • Optional: Canned tuna, sardines, anchovies, or herring
  • Optional: Egg yolks, ideally from pastured chickens
  • Optional: Bones from animals, leftover from making broth

1. Grind up the organs in a food processor or using a meat grinder.

2. Add crème fraîche or canned tuna and/or egg yolk. These are the tasty additions
that cats and dogs love.

3. If desired, add leftover mashed-up bones from making chicken or beef broth.

4. Mix everything together and store in the fridge in a plastic or glass container, or make bigger batches and store in the freezer.

Monday, November 26, 2012

There Are A Few Necessary Tips About Proper Pet Care

Everybody loves a good companion for themselves so that they are not bored out of their work. Today, many people love spending time with their pets. It is a fact that just like human beings, animals too have feelings and emotions within them. So just like humans they need affection and love from others. It is primary duty of pet owners to ensure healthy life of their loved pets.

Every pet needs an assurance that their owner is caring for them. In return for this care and attention, they respond by making soft purring sound or licking their masters. Pet care is definitely a very big responsibility of pet owners. Caring for pets needs lot of planning and attention. This is really important to ensure that pet leads a healthy life.

First, pet owners should learn all about the essential things that are required for proper pet are. Few necessary tips about proper pet care are discussed below:

Sanitation-Sanitation is an important part of pet care. It is necessary for ensuring that your pet lives a long life without any health issues. Sanitation practices include bathing your pets in a timely manner, and are trimmed at regular interval. You should trim their nails and check their paws.

Nutrition-Pets need proper nutrition for their growth and healthy life. Many online grocery shopping stores offer many pet nutritional products at attractive rates. Best thing about these online grocery stores is that you can get all types of pet food at competitive rates. Be it cat food or dog food, you get all major brands in one online supermarket. You can place order right from the comforts of your home, and it will be delivered right to your door.

Vaccination- Mostly pets get fleas on their bodies. These parasites bite may cause itching problem that may cause irritation to your pet.

Dental care-Dental care is an important practice that should be followed by all pet owners. Proper dental care routine ensures adequate protection from various dental diseases and tooth aches. Their teeth should be brushed on regular basis to protect them from various gum diseases and other health problems. This also helps in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Regular health check ups-You should take your pet for regular check ups with professional veterinarian. This will help in preventing dreadful and severe diseases, and would help them in leading a healthy life.