Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Pets You Need Pet Store

Pet Stores are a great place for pet lovers. You can buy pets such as birds, snakes, spiders, fish, dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, and frogs at pet stores. You can also buy aquariums, pet foods, cleaning solutions and tools, medication and healthcare supplies for your pets. You can also get a variety of pet toys, carriers, leashes, collars, and beds for your pets.
You can find a lot of pet stores in Kelowna , Vernon BC , Penticton , Prince George , Dawson , Williams lake, 100 house , Kamloops , Quesnel , etc. Most of the these, particularly Kelowna have the best and latest varieties of dog, cat, fish, mice, rat, guinea pig, bird, reptile, and spider supplies.
You can find a lot of these stores in Kelowna. The services offered in Kelowna are Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies, Pet Products & Services, Pet Supplies & Foods, Pet Washing & Grooming, etc. The stores in Vernon, BC and Penticton provide pet foods, Pet Products & Services, Pet Washing & Grooming, etc. Prince George provides services such as animal remedies, Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies, Horse Training, Pet Supplies, pet foods, etc. You can find a variety of pet accessories, supplies and food for all types of pets at Dawson Creek. You can find an assortment of pets, Pet Products & Services and pet accessories at Williams Lake . At Quesnel, you can find variety of pet products and services, pet accessories, pet foods, etc. At Kamloops, you can choose a pet the way you desire. Here you can find a variety of healthy pet supplies and pet foods which may be the right choice for your pet. Most in Kamloops provide even pet training services. Those in Kamloops help you to choose the right supplies and equipment for your pet using their educated and friendly staffs having great passion for pet animals.
Finding an appropriate pet store can be very easy if you have a look at the following tips. When you visit these stores, note the smell you get from it. The smell of feces, old food or disinfectants is the signs of a bad one . See to that the pet store you choose maintains the pets they offer for sale in sanitary conditions. Avoid buying your pet from these stores which maintains the pet in dirty cages because the animals living in their own dirt will not be as healthy. If you are looking for a particular type of pet or pet accessories, research and find the appropriate shop which sell that pet or pet accessories. Choose only those at which the staffs answer your questions clearly. This is important to take care of your pet properly. See to that the pet store you choose has well knowledgeable staffs who are ready to answer all of your questions, and will guide you to the right supplies and equipment for your pet. Choose a clean and odor-free pet store where you feel comfortable to visualize all pets and pet accessories and where you feel comfortable to ask questions related to pet care.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dog Food Ingredients

First we need to recognize that nutrients are not the same thing as ingredients. It’s not the combination of ingredients that determines the quality of your dog’s diet and whether or not the dog’s nutritional needs are being met, it’s the blend of nutrients. The ingredients in dog food only have to do with digestibility and palatability. A given dog food can contain certain ingredients that have no nutritional value or that can’t be digested by your dog. You can find two different dog foods that may both seem to nutritious, but one may have ingredients that are better for your specific breed of dog. You should discuss your dog’s nutritional requirements with your vet in order to select a diet that provides everything needed.
Healthy feeding habits should start as soon as you bring your dog home! Your dog’s diet influences such things as health status, appearance, development and attitude. The way you feed your dog will affect certain behavioral aspects like, potty training and begging. When your dog is a puppy, it is very important to prevent it from gaining a lot of weight, which may contribute to the likelihood of obesity and its related health problems as they age.
Since dogs come in all sizes and shapes, there are specific foods available that you should consider depending upon if it’s a small breed, large breed, puppy or adult. The nutritional needs of dogs will change as they age depending on how active they are. For instance, small dogs tend to require more calories per pound than larger dogs and thus need a dog food that provides a lot of energy.
As of late, many dog owners have become seriously concerned about the safety of commercial pet food. With all the recent pet food recalls, many more dog owners are starting to prepare their own nutritious dog foods. There is more than a little concern about how poorly regulated the pet food industry is concerning preservatives. Commercial dog food makers add all kinds of chemicals to keep their foods from deteriorating while setting on the grocery store shelves. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Official Publications lists 35 known preservatives being used by commercial dog food companies. Some of these have no restriction on amount that can be added to your dog’s food. Chemicals such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Ethoxyquin have controversial safety reputations at best.
Many of the commercial dog food formulations contain meat and bone meal, which has been shown to contain the remains of euthanized cats and dogs. These dead animal bodies are sent to rendering plants, along with road kill and dead live stock. At the plants they are boiled down to get the fat, which is sold to dog food manufacturers as “animal fat.” The leftover animal parts are dried, crushed and sold to the same manufacturers as “meat and bone meal.” Knowing this, many dog owners have put their pets a on raw diet or started making their own homemade dog food.
Those who advocate raw diets say it is the most natural because canines in the wild are carnivores and have survived and thrived for millions of years. They indicate that ever since commercial dog food appeared on the scene about 60 years ago, the increase in dysplasia, allergies and other health conditions in dogs has increased dramatically. However, proponents of homemade dog food say that dogs are actually omnivores and they need the nutritional benefits of grain. They intimate that dog owners who use only raw food are depriving their dogs of valuable nutrients. In addition, with homemade foods you can be creative while making your own healthy dog food. Proponents of homemade food report the activity as a fun way to feel even closer to their dogs. Especially if they really like what you make. And the debate goes on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Choice Organic Food For Our Pets

As a cat or dog owner, you should be aware of the food that you can buy for your pets. Basically, there are two types of food and they are organic and non-organic pet food. You need to know the differences between these food types. You should only buy the best food for your pets which provide a balanced diet so your pet will live a long and healthy life. Feeding your pet with good or bad food will impact their health. This article will cover both the non-organic and organic pet food.
Non-Organic Pet Food
There are some manufactures that produce good quality and healthy non-organic cat and dog food. You have to read the label to determine which is the healthiest. Do not be confused with the bag and the advertising that is on it as it can be misleading. Not all cat and dog food are alike.
In most cases, non-organic pet food is usually cheaper than organic. The reason being is the USDA (United Status Department of Agriculture) has policies covering organic pet food. What most pet owners should become familiar with is the label printed on the package. This is where you will find which food is actually best for your pet verses another manufacturer. You will find the ingredients that were used in processing of the cat or dog food on the label. The label information printed on the package is regulated by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials).
For cat and dog food, the first ingredient should be meat and not meat by-products or fillers. By-products and fillers are not healthy for your pets and should not be fed to them. The reason they are used is because they are cheap to the manufacturer, whch helps to keep the price of the food down. All manufacturers must list the ingredients in order by weight. Also look for the type of preservatives used in the process. Avoid BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, artificial flavors and colors or flavoring agents. These can cause harmful effects on your pet’s health over time. The old saying is true, if its not good for humans, it is not good for your pet.
Organic Pet Food
Organic pet food does have some regulations which are governed by the USDA. There are three levels in organic pet food and they are: 100% organic, organic, and made with organic ingredients.
100% Organic
In order for a manufacturer to advertise its product as “100% Organic” it must have all of the ingredients certified as organic in the process. Manufacturer’s can display the USDA Organic Seal on the packaging and advertising.
A product certified as “organic” its ingredients must be 95% organic. Manufacturer’s can display the USDA Organic Seal on its packaging and advertising.
Made With Organic Ingredients
Products advertised as “made with organic ingredients” must have 70% of the ingredients used in the process as organic. It cannot display the UDSA Organic Seal but, can display the logo of the certification body that approved them.
Other Organic Food
Products with less then 70% of organic ingredients cannot advertise this to consumers but can only mention them in the ingredient statement.
Generally, organic food is healthier for your pet. Also, you will use less food when feeding your pets because of the high quality ingredients being used in the process. Organic food is more expensive than non-organic food. Just like non-organic food, organic foods are not the same. Look at the label and the list of ingredients. There you will find the quality of the organic ingredients being used in the process. This should help select which food to buy.
Changing Your Pets Diet From One Food To Another
Before you can give your pet an organic food diet when you have been feeding him non-organic diet, you must change his diet over a period of time. Here is how it works:
Days 1-4. Mix 25% of the new food with 75% of his current food.
Days 5-8. Mix 50% of the new with 50% of the old.
Days 9-12. Mix 75% of the new with 25% of the old.
Day 13. 100% of the new food.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Indian Food For Pets

Gone are the days when people were not that much of conscious about their own food. However, nowadays whether the person is gone organic or not, knows how crucial a role diet plays in the maintenance of overall health. So, your food performs a key role to lead a long, healthy and happy life. Therefore, even for their pets, people prefer organic pet food.
What should dog food contain?
Many of the people are blissfully unaware of what exactly goes into their dog food. If they will get known to, they might be shocked. Although the food items available in the market are attractive, have no nutritional qualities. Rather, in attempt to keep those packed foods fresh they contain lots of chemicals, which can be harmful for your pet. Therefore, many veterinarians and dog experts agree that much of the widely available canned and packed food is not good for your dog’s health. If you feed commercially prepared food to your dog, it can affect your dog’s health badly. The pets that are fed on commercially prepared dog food tend to suffer from a higher incidence of degenerative-type diseases. Therefore, the best is homemade diet.
When it comes to feed your pet feed the food they are used to. Naturally dogs are wild animals and there is nothing more nutritional than its habitation food. For dog, meat is the best food. It has high quality of proteins that helps your dog to get high quantity of proteins and combat with various diseases. That is why; dogs are given raw meat in their meal.
Nowadays, all the pet owners are realizing just how important it is to feed your dog with holistic pet food. It is the key of your pets’ long, healthy and happy life. Many of the pet owners do not have that much of time to prepare food of their own for their pets. For them there are lots of online stores providing quality pet food.
If you are looking for quality nature’s variety food, DodgerzDen Inc. is the best option for you. It is an Internet retail establishment designed to provide the finest commercial foods and nutritional products that will improve and maintain your pets’ health.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Not Adopt a So Cute Virtual Pet

  A virtual pet is much like a computerized version of man’s friends from the animal kingdom. Like real pets, a virtual pet is generally kept for company and because of the hours of fun it offers. But unlike real pets, it does not need any real food, sleep or rest. It will not even demand much of your time and attention. Although most virtual pets do thrive better when given a lot of TLC. So while most virtual pets do not require a lot of time; in the end, it all depends on how much time a pet owner is willing to invest. Most games provide virtual pet owners with options for personalization, enabling them to create pets that are best suited for their individual lifestyles.
  Virtual pets can exist in various forms—as a game saved on a laptop, online on a website, or in handheld devices like the Tamagotchi, and as applications on mobile phones. There are plenty of accessible online and role-playing games where players can create a virtual pet and the adoption process is fast and easy.
  Getting a virtual pet is really a breeze these days because of the wide variety of options currently available. You can get a virtual pet in various kinds of animals or creatures. Many websites have a large selection of virtual pets ready for adoption. It’s all a matter of picking out the pet you like best.
  Some say that it’s best to get a virtual pet, since owning one has helped them decide whether they should get a real pet or not. Taking care of a virtual pet is great practice for those who intend to get one in real life. Other people, who cannot keep live pets for one reason or another sometimes opt for a virtual one.
  Virtual pets have been around for a while now. Initially introduced in the mid-90s, the concept of virtual pets has greatly evolved. There is now a huge assortment of virtual pets unlike before. You can even use some virtual pets as avatars or website icons.
  Even adults in today’s career-oriented world can find pleasure in getting a virtual pet. While they are more likely to be bogged down by the challenges of adult life and are often pressed for time, virtual pets can offer them a fun reprieve. Plus with practically unlimited choices, there’s definitely a virtual pet for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go and get a virtual pet today!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Some Cute Pigs for a Wednesday Night

Oh Hai!
  I’m pretty tired, but I thought I would post some cute dogs for the middle of the week. Enjoy.
  Personally I am torn. Is dressing your pet up in costumes cute, or is it humiliating and embarrassing (for the pet of course). My German Shepard Tinkerbell wears a police dog uniform for Halloween. She seems to enjoy it, but I have not tried dressing her up as a cheerleader or a cartoon character. Her out fit is breed appropriate and not at all humiliating. For your consideration here are some dogs in costume to help you decide.
  I just wanted to recommend a great website. It is called Fail Dogs.com. It is an off shoot of I Can Haz Cheezburger.com and Fail Blog.com. I like it better than Fail Blog because it combines the hilarity of the failure with the cuteness of dogs and other animals. Sometimes, however, I am not sure why the dogs are categorized as failures when they are just so damned cute. See the example below:
  After surfing the internet for about an hour, I have come up with a list of twenty of the world’s cutest pets for your consideration. My pets were not eligible to compete because that would be unfair. Without further ado, the top twenty cutest pets in the world.
  To all the amazingly cute pets out there that enrich our lives and bring great joy and happiness, I salute you. Whether you be fish or foul, domesticated or exotic, cat or dog, big or small you make the world a better place just by being in it. Special shout outs to Hero, Beatrice, Crookshanks, Tinkie, and Rocky up in heaven (because there is no heaven if my pets can’t be there with me).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Halloween Pet Photo Contest Entries! Get Your Vote In!

  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pet in the Annual ThoughtsFurPaws Halloween Pet Photo Contest! Here are some more entries for you to vote on…


  Donald Treat Dog Dispenser

  Jimmy as King Tut

  Penny and Toby as Snooki and Paulie D

  Pepper as a Belly Dancer
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