Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why People Choose to Be Pet Sitters

QueenCity Pet Sitting offers dedicated and experienced pet sitters who love their jobs almost as much as we know you love your pets. If you've ever wondered why someone would choose pet sitting as an occupation, here are a few of the answers we know to be true:
They love animals. The biggest reason our pet sitters at QueenCity Pet Sitting choose to care for pets as an occupation has everything in the world to do with loving animals. It takes a person who really enjoys the job and has respect for animals to be a great pet sitter and do what pet sitters do. What better job than loving on pets and making sure they are well taken care while their people are out? Real animal lovers agree, this job is nothing if not personally fulfilling.
They see the need. Because they love pets, our pet sitters at QueenCity Pet Sitting really understand the need for dependable people who are trained to care for the pets other people love and to provide attention to those animals when pet parents aren't around. It's just not as good for a pet to be left boarded in an unfamiliar place with little human interaction, and we understand that completely.
They like the flexibility and they enjoy the duties. This isn't an office job, and pet sitters never have two days that are exactly the same! There's a lot to be said for a job that lets you play in park with a friendly pup and enjoy the company of a cat that loves to curl up on your lap and nap. It feels good to know you're taking good care of someone else's beloved pet and that you're offering those folks some peace of mind, too.
People become pet sitters for lots and lots of reasons, and at QueenCity Pet Sitting, we believe that we have some of the very best pet sitters on the planet, ready and able to care for the pets you love! Get to know our sitters and you'll love what they do for you and you pet as much as they enjoy doing it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tips For Choosing The Right Pet Cat Breed For You

Choosing a new pet is not an easy task. Whoever told you otherwise is lying. In fact, the hardest part about getting a new pet is choosing it. And this is true, whether you are getting a dog or a cat.

Pet cats are always so delightful to keep. But like people, not all cats are the same. There are several different cat breeds in the world and not all of them may suit you. That is why it is important that you exercise great care and discrimination when choosing cat breeds that are right for you. But how? You might find yourself asking. Especially with so many cat breeds around. They all look so adorable; if you were allowed and if you could afford it, you'd take them all!

Pedigree Cat Breeds

If you like to frequent cat shows or window shop at at the local pet store, then you have probably seen your fair share of cat breeds. Himalayan, ragdoll, Persian, Russian blue, manx, Maine coon – hey, maybe you’ve seen it all! – and now, you are quietly telling yourself that you have already chosen the cat breeds that are close to your heart.

But hold on for one moment. You need to know something very important about "purebred" cats. First, all breeds of cats have, at one time or another, developed genetic defects that increased the likelihood of them contracting certain genetic disorders and diseases.

Cat breeders with years of experience in cat genetics have tried to develop healthy breeding stocks in order to stop the transmission of any more defective genes. Unfortunately, not all cat breeders are very concerned about their cats' genetic background. That's why there are still many cat breeds out there that carry the defective gene inherent in their breeds.

So what does this mean for cat lovers like you? Well, just be careful when choosing cat breeds and from which breeder you've decided to get it from. We always recommend getting your new cat from a breeder instead of your regular, run-of-the-mill pet store. With a breeder, it is easier for you to find out more about the cat's background, its pedigree, and history.

Check Out The Cats Personality

After checking out your cat's pedigree, the next important consideration is its personality. Often, a cat's temperament is reflected by its particular breed. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you have to observe the cat yourself in order to determine its type of personality.

Bring along some cat toys with you when you go to a cat breeder's kennel to check out the new litter. How the cat reacts to the toy will help you see how playful a pet it's going to be. It will also help you find out how the cat reacts to strangers, whether it is naturally friendly or wary to the point of shy.

You can also try playing with the cat yourself. If it is a kitten, you can ask the cat breeder to take it away from its mother and the rest of its litter mates. This way, you can play with the kitten while evaluating its interest level.

Maintenance Of Certain Cat Breeds

Last on the list of basic concerns in choosing cat breeds is the level of maintenance you'll be dealing with. Long-haired cats obviously are more high-maintenance than its short-haired counterparts. You'll need to at least bath them once a week and brush their long manes frequently. If you have a lot of time in your hands, then you'll have no problem. However, if you are busy with work, then you'll be better off with a short-haired, low-maintenance cat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There Are 5 DIY Tips To Help You Save On Pet Care Expenses

It is a tough time with the economy and spending for pet care is now considered as a luxury. You can save big bucks by following some practical tips that can cut your spending on pet care.

Here are 5 DIY and practical tips to help pet owners in tight budget save on pet care expenses:

1. Visit your pet's vet regularly – Visiting your vet once or twice a year for your pets check up can actually save you from further expenses. By having your pets checked up regularly you can prevent serious illness like heart problems, joint pains and diabetes. Treatments and cures for serious diseases like heart ailments and diabetes are expensive that is why it is much more practical to have a regular visit to the vets than going to the vets when major illness arises.

2. Keep your pets away from accidents – Keeping your pets indoors like your cats and putting your dog on a leash when walking outdoors can save you from expenses in treatment from accidents. Letting your pets out without supervision can lead to poisoning and road accidents, these types of accidents require medications and sometimes lifetime treatment especially for road accidents.

3. Keep your pets healthy – Proper diet to your pets will save you lots of money from going to the vets for sickness like diarrhea, allergies and heart problems. We should be careful when giving left over foods or table foods to our pets for it may contain some ingredients that are considered toxins to some pets. Garlic are bad for cats for they contain chemicals that are toxic to them and chocolates can cause hypertension to dogs so be careful from tossing snack foods to your pets.

4. Do it yourself grooming – You can do some basic grooming like trimming the nails and the furs and you can get some useful guides from manuals and tutorials in the net. There are also youtube videos about properly and safely grooming your pets like bathing, brushing the fur and teeth.

5. Shop wisely – Pet maintenance can be expensive too like pet foods, collars and toys. You can actually save by comparing pet foods and reading the label – some dog foods have the same nutrients but differs in price. You can also save by buying bulk and also be careful with the brands for some pet foods uses low quality ingredients and loads it up with sugar so that your dogs and cats will like it. You can also try shopping in the net and use coupon codes to get discounts.