Saturday, October 1, 2011

story of your pet

Whether it be a dog, cat, bird or other animal, the life of a pet is a gift, and the time we are given with that pet is a gift. When we lose that beloved friend, sometimes the best memorial we can offer is to tell the story of our pet—to share with others about the blessing that our pet was to us, to recount fond memories with others who knew him/her—to relive the good times, the funny things, the favorite moments we shared with that pet. Not only does doing this honor the pet’s memory, but it can also help us with the healing process and dealing with the grief.
There are many ways to tell the story of your pet. There are websites online that offer the ability to create a memorial page where you can share about your pet; or it can be as simple as sharing a funny story with friends around the fire. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series can play a rather unique role in the telling of your pet’s story.
Because our pet memorial artwork is heart-themed and abstract, it tells the story more on an emotional level than with specific details.
The beauty of abstract art is that it speaks to people on a non-verbal level, and different people can see and interpret different things within it.
Our art pieces speak specifically and personally about your pet because his/her ashes or fur is included in the final coat—and yet it is presented subtly, so when you display it in your home, people won’t necessarily know what the painting is saying unless you clue them in. And of course, having a Loving Hearts Tribute painting in honor of your pet gives you the opportunity to share the story of your pet with people as they admire the painting.
What is your pet’s story? What are your favorite memories? We invite you to memorialize your pet by telling the story. If you’d like to tell us about your pet, please feel free to share briefly in the comments section below.

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