Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Some Cute Pigs for a Wednesday Night

Oh Hai!
  I’m pretty tired, but I thought I would post some cute dogs for the middle of the week. Enjoy.
  Personally I am torn. Is dressing your pet up in costumes cute, or is it humiliating and embarrassing (for the pet of course). My German Shepard Tinkerbell wears a police dog uniform for Halloween. She seems to enjoy it, but I have not tried dressing her up as a cheerleader or a cartoon character. Her out fit is breed appropriate and not at all humiliating. For your consideration here are some dogs in costume to help you decide.
  I just wanted to recommend a great website. It is called Fail It is an off shoot of I Can Haz and Fail I like it better than Fail Blog because it combines the hilarity of the failure with the cuteness of dogs and other animals. Sometimes, however, I am not sure why the dogs are categorized as failures when they are just so damned cute. See the example below:
  After surfing the internet for about an hour, I have come up with a list of twenty of the world’s cutest pets for your consideration. My pets were not eligible to compete because that would be unfair. Without further ado, the top twenty cutest pets in the world.
  To all the amazingly cute pets out there that enrich our lives and bring great joy and happiness, I salute you. Whether you be fish or foul, domesticated or exotic, cat or dog, big or small you make the world a better place just by being in it. Special shout outs to Hero, Beatrice, Crookshanks, Tinkie, and Rocky up in heaven (because there is no heaven if my pets can’t be there with me).

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