Monday, December 17, 2012

These Winter Pet Care Tips Can Help Your Pet Own A Better Winter

Those adorable dog sweaters and "Muttluks" aren't just for show, even though they are adorable! These winter pet care tips that you can help your pet have a better winter.

Dogs with longer hair, puppies, and smaller dogs can all benefit from wearing a dog sweater or shirt for their ventures into the snow. Not only can a sweater help prevent "snowballs" from forming in your pet's coat, but it can help keep them warm too. Just be sure to remove it as soon as you get back inside.

In the winter months it is important to knock on the hood of your car before you start the engine. Why? Outdoor cats love to snuggle up on the engine for warmth. This simple act could help save a life.

Pets use more energy trying to stay warm during the winter, so be sure to provide extra water, as your pet can become dehydrated more easily this time of year.
Never leave your pet alone in the car, no matter how quickly you plan to return. It's just as dangerous to do this in the winter as in the summer, where the temperatures in the car can change rapidly and become deadly.

Consider dog booties if you take your dog for walks in the winter. This will help protect their sensitive paw pads from ice, and salt. If you choose not to use booties, rinse the paws as soon as you get home to remove salt and other snow melting chemicals, which are not healthy for your dog.

Don't let your dog run off leash in the winter, as they can lose their way more easily due to the snow. Make sure you always have ID tags on in case they do get lost.
Keep your pets inside as much as possible when the weather gets too cold. If you feel cold your pet likely does too! Make sure they have a nice cozy place to sleep, and of course, take advantage of this time to snuggle up together and keep each other warm!

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