Tuesday, December 25, 2012

These Common Cat Behavior Problems Need To Be Solved

The modern lifestyle of today has brought new possibilities for many animal lovers to get the role of being responsible cat owners. However, the path of responsible pet parenting is not as simple as it may seem. This is because in the course of a pet owner, you will find several cat behavior problems you may find too difficult to handle. Actually, this may be surprising to some, because they know that behind the image stuffed cat and harmless behavior that can become one of the most temperamental creatures I've ever seen.

These behaviors happen because even though they are actually pets, they still have their own minds and have their own feelings. These behavioral problems in cats are usually triggered due to the usual habits of your cat or an immediate event that bothers the animal. Here are some common cat behavior problems and what to do with it.

Aggression-This is one of the most common behavior problems cat cat owner will find. This is when the cat becomes aggressive in cats, animals or even people. They can display these aggressive tendencies to intimidate. This happens when a cat gets very stressed or frustrated about something. Sometimes this causes damage to home furnishings and upholstery.

These problems unwanted cat behavior can be resolved with proper training. You can teach your cat to channel their aggression on other things and not furniture or people. You can buy your cat a scratching post. This medium will help your cat release excess energy and tension. Experts also say that scratching posts are very useful for cat health.

Extreme shyness-cats, some cats have a case of extreme discomfort when in the company of people who know. This distance is observed in the presence of visitors who do not recognize. The reason for this is that some cats do not feel comfortable to be around things or people who are not familiar with them. However, with some exposure training can overcome such behavioral problems.

Cat behavior problems such as shyness can be cured by gradually increasing the size of their social environment. By getting involved in activities with other people who will soon develop tolerance and familiarity. Training garbage toughest problems cat behavior that can eat through training is garbage. It is very irritating to your cat download almost anywhere in the house. This should be corrected as soon as possible, because the longer you wait to take action the harder it is to break your bad habit.

Some experts advise pet owners to direct cat litter in the litter, and the best way is to implement a good old reward and punishment program. There are dozens more behavior problems of cats that one can find, but nothing that can not be corrected by appropriate training and undying effort to teach your dog what is right.


  1. I just adopted a cat that is very aggressive. I'm not an expert when it comes to cat behavior problems, so I'm trying to do some research. I'll try your advice and get a scratching post.

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  2. This is one of the most common Cat behavior problems cat owner will find. We can teach our cat to channel their aggression on other things and not furniture or people.