Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There Are 5 DIY Tips To Help You Save On Pet Care Expenses

It is a tough time with the economy and spending for pet care is now considered as a luxury. You can save big bucks by following some practical tips that can cut your spending on pet care.

Here are 5 DIY and practical tips to help pet owners in tight budget save on pet care expenses:

1. Visit your pet's vet regularly – Visiting your vet once or twice a year for your pets check up can actually save you from further expenses. By having your pets checked up regularly you can prevent serious illness like heart problems, joint pains and diabetes. Treatments and cures for serious diseases like heart ailments and diabetes are expensive that is why it is much more practical to have a regular visit to the vets than going to the vets when major illness arises.

2. Keep your pets away from accidents – Keeping your pets indoors like your cats and putting your dog on a leash when walking outdoors can save you from expenses in treatment from accidents. Letting your pets out without supervision can lead to poisoning and road accidents, these types of accidents require medications and sometimes lifetime treatment especially for road accidents.

3. Keep your pets healthy – Proper diet to your pets will save you lots of money from going to the vets for sickness like diarrhea, allergies and heart problems. We should be careful when giving left over foods or table foods to our pets for it may contain some ingredients that are considered toxins to some pets. Garlic are bad for cats for they contain chemicals that are toxic to them and chocolates can cause hypertension to dogs so be careful from tossing snack foods to your pets.

4. Do it yourself grooming – You can do some basic grooming like trimming the nails and the furs and you can get some useful guides from manuals and tutorials in the net. There are also youtube videos about properly and safely grooming your pets like bathing, brushing the fur and teeth.

5. Shop wisely – Pet maintenance can be expensive too like pet foods, collars and toys. You can actually save by comparing pet foods and reading the label – some dog foods have the same nutrients but differs in price. You can also save by buying bulk and also be careful with the brands for some pet foods uses low quality ingredients and loads it up with sugar so that your dogs and cats will like it. You can also try shopping in the net and use coupon codes to get discounts.

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