Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why People Choose to Be Pet Sitters

QueenCity Pet Sitting offers dedicated and experienced pet sitters who love their jobs almost as much as we know you love your pets. If you've ever wondered why someone would choose pet sitting as an occupation, here are a few of the answers we know to be true:
They love animals. The biggest reason our pet sitters at QueenCity Pet Sitting choose to care for pets as an occupation has everything in the world to do with loving animals. It takes a person who really enjoys the job and has respect for animals to be a great pet sitter and do what pet sitters do. What better job than loving on pets and making sure they are well taken care while their people are out? Real animal lovers agree, this job is nothing if not personally fulfilling.
They see the need. Because they love pets, our pet sitters at QueenCity Pet Sitting really understand the need for dependable people who are trained to care for the pets other people love and to provide attention to those animals when pet parents aren't around. It's just not as good for a pet to be left boarded in an unfamiliar place with little human interaction, and we understand that completely.
They like the flexibility and they enjoy the duties. This isn't an office job, and pet sitters never have two days that are exactly the same! There's a lot to be said for a job that lets you play in park with a friendly pup and enjoy the company of a cat that loves to curl up on your lap and nap. It feels good to know you're taking good care of someone else's beloved pet and that you're offering those folks some peace of mind, too.
People become pet sitters for lots and lots of reasons, and at QueenCity Pet Sitting, we believe that we have some of the very best pet sitters on the planet, ready and able to care for the pets you love! Get to know our sitters and you'll love what they do for you and you pet as much as they enjoy doing it!

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