Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cat Care Tips For Beginners

Cats are one of the most preferred pets after dogs. While dogs are huge and many people are also scared of the tempered dogs, cats are a calm pet that can be easily handled and cared for. When you buy or adopt a stray kitten, you have to be careful as they are sensitive. If you are a beginner and wish to know about cat care, here are few basic tips for you.

Cat care tips for beginners:
  • The young kitten needs twice the amount of nutrition when compared to an adult cat. Although they need more nutrition, this doesn't mean that you should over-feed them. After 5-6 weeks, start giving 4 meals every day.
  • Do not give in much amount. Feeding small amount of meals at short intervals will balance the quota of nutritional supply and also fill the stomach of the cute little kitten.
  • Never feed dog food to your kitten or even cat. Taurine is a nutrient that cats need to prevent heart diseases and blur vision. Dog food doesn't contain taurine. To give proper nutrition, only give cat food.
  • After 8-10 months, do not feed just milk and cat food. Make the kitten used to some home food like boiled rice, yogurt and milk. This will make it easy for the cat to develop a taste towards home food.
  • Do not need to bathe the kitten regularly. When the cat fur or coat starts smelling, then you can bathe the kitten with cold water. Hot water can damage the fur and also irritate the skin of the cat.
  • Go out and play with your kitten. Physical activities will help be good for the growth and development of the kitten.
  • Make the kitten used to the eating, sleeping and potty place. Take them there regularly and this will make them learn.
  • If you let your cat bat a paw on you then they will take it for granted. Draw a line of acceptable behaviour and be little strict. Cats are very stubborn and caring for them can be difficult in later stages if you do not become strict.
  • With the growing age, you have to wash the teeth, clean ears and cut nails of the cat. Paws are very prone spots for germs and bacteria to attack. This can cause infection and also spread mud on the house floor. Cut the nails and keep them clean.

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